For over a decade, Shoghi has been conjuring compelling imagery for feature films, advertising, and personal clients. From the pantheon of Marvel movies worked on, to hand etching calligraphy in acrylic for festivals, to corporate logo design, he not only thinks outside of the box: He covers the box in gas and sets it on fire.
   Film work has moved him from storyboard work, to pre-visualization, to on set supervision and finals animation work. He has helped bring movies to life from just words on post-its before. With a background in martial arts, he has helped sculpt the movement and fight choreography for movies such as Civil War, Iron Man 2, Black Panther, Maleficent, and many more. He brings the same insight and passion for planning to logo and graphic design.
  Once can see his process work in the graphic design section of the gallery, where he shows his thought process leading to a singular, powerful and memorable logo that makes you look twice. He always seeks the gestalt of any artistic medium.
   Shoghi is currently open for freelance animation, previz, photography, calligraphy and design work. Check out his new store where he creates nature and light inspired home decor, jewelry, and more.